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Collection: The Law of Life

“Disease? Depression? Damaged relationships? This book is for you,” said reader Dee Dee. “A friend of mine spoke about some of the contents of this book, which sparked my interest, but it is far better than I was told. The examples, rationales, and correlations are simple yet so profound. Sandoval goes deep into cause and effect, choices, and change. This is a must-read book. I have difficulty putting it down! I will read it again, and have been encouraging others to read it as well.”


In the Law of Life course, Dr. Sandoval will lead you through the unconscious lies that have held you captive to the truth that will set you free. Through the video presentations, the Law of Life book, and the thought-provoking questions and activities in the Law of Life workbook, your previous assumptions will be challenged, the lies you have unconsciously believed will be exposed, and you will be presented with a new paradigm of thought that presents to you new realities you didn’t know where possible. You will be surprised at how simple, yet how profound, the Law of Life is. If accepted, it will turn your world upside down—so that you can finally be right side up.