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The Law of Life - Book and Workbook Package

The Law of Life - Book and Workbook Package

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"The Law of Life" Book, Workbook, & Video Series

This package includes a 278-page book, written by Dr. Mark Sandoval, with over 16 hours of in-depth instructional videos. If you have a small group study, book club, or health ministry and want to gain perspective on the inner workings of the mind from a biblical standpoint, this dynamic combination of print and visual media is just for you.


In the Law of Life course, Dr. Sandoval will lead you through the unconscious lies that have held you captive to the truth that will set you free. Through the video presentations, the Law of Life book, and the thought-provoking questions and activities in the Law of Life workbook, your previous assumptions will be challenged, the lies you have unconsciously believed will be exposed, and you will be presented with a new paradigm of thought that presents to you new realities you didn’t know where possible. You will be surprised at how simple, yet how profound, the Law of Life is. If accepted, it will turn your world upside down—so that you can finally be right side up.  

Healing is Here.

Anna used the principles outlined in this course and applied them to her own life and relationships. Now, she doesn’t feel compelled to control her children or other family members. She has peace with her relationships. She has faced the loss of significant loved ones in her life with only gratitude in her heart. And her lifetime rash has disappeared. Carla used the principles outlined in this course and applied them in her own life and relationships. As a result, she is now free from the depression and guilt she was carrying from her divorce. Freedom is possible. It is ready for you, and this course is here to help you experience that freedom in your own life.


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